Induction stovetops use electric currents to immediately heat pans instead of relying on indirectly heating them thermally with electric or gas burners. A magnetic field produces the heat after a pan is placed on the burner. The burners don’t get hot unless the cookware is there. Consumers who buy this equipment will want the best induction cookware to take full advantage of the electromagnetic induction features of their new appliance.

Recommended Materials

Stone pans with an iron base are recommended, including granite. So are stainless steel pans and hard-anodized cookware. Cast iron, carbon steel and aluminum also are good choices. Essentially, the bottom of the pan must be magnetic for induction to work. This is easy to test with the person’s current cookware by placing a magnet against the bottom surface.

Flat Bottoms

In addition, all the cookware should have flat bottoms instead of rounded ones, and there should not be any ridges or grooves. This generally means woks will not heat up well enough or evenly enough for stir-frying because of the rounded bottom surface. The electromagnetic energy cannot be transferred effectively or evenly unless the surface is flat. Otherwise, the full cookware surface does not connect directly with the cooktop.

A Bit of Research

The owners of this new stovetop may want to do some research on different cookware lines so they get all the features they want. With such a broad range of products available, consumers can find an array of colors, sizes, weights and finishes. Just one example is porcelain-finished cast iron. Cast iron is ideal for slower cooking, while stainless steel is better for fast heating of food.

Certain considerations are necessary when choosing specific metal products. For instance, seasoned cast iron does not work well with induction cooking, and only some types of copper pans do. Websites like The Stone Frying Pan provide a great deal of information about different choices.

Many men and women already have cookware like this, but they may need to add to the collection if some of their pots and pans are not suitable. Others decide it’s time to splurge and buy an entire new set.